Bit of a personal one for me today, Monday is a tough day in my business or at least where things are at the most risk of going bananas, so naturally I sometimes struggle with remembering why I do this!

Recruitment isn’t easy – I know people seem to have this view that all we do is push CVs round outlook and hope for the best but this isn’t true.

Staying motivated is really difficult, so when my Mum passed away suddenly last year after a short battle with cancer, I lost any desire to even find my motivation again.

I worked for a large corporate business, that on the whole supported me through a very difficult time, but the business wasn’t a home for me anymore so I took a bold/foolish step into my own business!

Fast forward 5 months, we are slowly beginning to develop into a brand that people want to work with, delivering a meaningful service to our clients with quality as our focus and affordability at our core.

My biggest hindrance was my grief, which manifested itself in so many different ways it was hard to keep up, but now 10 months on my life and my motivations have begun to stabilise.

My biggest motivator in this whole period has been my Mum, pictured below with my old man, whose wise words and wisdom she imparted to me has helped propel this business forward.

If you need any extra motivation today, look to your family/friends, talk to them about your dreams & goals. See how far they can take you!

This isn’t part of the article series but a important topic to me!

Written by:

Guy Walker

6 November 2018