Prison Education

Explore one of the most rewarding sectors of education & get an extra boost with a free certificate in prison education.

Have you considered a role
within Prison Education?

Listen to the experiences of some of the prison teachers across the UK!


Prison Education Consultant 

I spent 26 years working my way up from the classroom, to the chief operating officer of the UK’s largest prison education provider.


Prison Teacher

I have had the opportunity to try new things and get involved across the curriculum, which has given me the chance to grow and develop as a teacher.

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We’re offering a free training course to anyone considering working within the prison education sector.

The course includes:

  • The different courses and teaching styles used within prisons.
  • Info on the various career directions of prisons.
  • Day to day duties of prison teachers.
  • Key qualities of a prison teachers.
  • Common misconceptions of Prison Education.

Meet the people of the HMP's classrooms'

We caught up with ex-offenders who’ve come through
prison education, and built themselves up stronger than ever.


Criminology & Philosophy Student

It took your mind off where you are in your life, it got you to focus on something productive, and something constructive. My teachers made me feel like everything was an opportunity which was a huge benefit for me. All of this stuff helped me maintain my mental balance, by giving me something to focus on in my future


Open University Graduate

These teachers made me feel human again by simply speaking to me like a normal person, on the same level as me, which can be difficult to find in a prison.


I found the education section of the prison, completely different from the main prison. My teachers were able to run the curriculum exactly how they wanted to run it.

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