Guy Walker


Guy has always been ambitious and despite not following his childhood dream of becoming a racing car driver; his career has been fast and exhilarating. From starting his first business at just 15 selling computer products, to founding Dovetail & Slate which has grown from success to success. Guy puts huge emphasis upon valuing and nurturing his team so they can become the very best to deliver incomparable results for clients and candidates.

Guy recruits across all disciplines within our specialist industries, construction and education, where he has over five years of sector-specific experience. Maintaining a hands-on approach at candidate level gives Guy a clear perspective of the current state of both industries from the angle of clients and candidates. This has been instrumental in driving business, developing his team and shaping long-lasting relationships with clients. Importantly, he comprehends the continually growing demand for talent and understands the challenges both industries face. These challenges only further motivate Guy to find the right candidate; leaving the client feeling confident with their recruit, and the candidate feeling like they’re able to make a difference in the world of education. Nothing brings Guy more pleasure than hearing of positive student outcomes as a result of placing a teacher in a school.