Kai Bourne

Senior Recruitment Consultant

With 3 years of valuable recruitment & sales experience and countless successes, Kai oversees our technical engineering market within the Education sector. There’s no challenge that is too big of a challenge for Kai, who’s exceptionally skilled in finding the perfect candidate for those hard-to-fill roles that often, clients are tempted to give up on or settle with someone not quite right, merely to fit the role. Where many recruiters will try to persuade their clients to give candidates, they’re not sure on a chance, he’ll persist until finding the perfect match.

He understands that it’s especially important to find fully competent candidates within the technical engineering market due to the nature of the work they will be partaking in and that cutting corners with candidates who aren’t, can cost clients gravely which is why he ensures an exhaustive vetting process before introducing candidates to clients.

As a child Kai wanted to be a footballer and is a die-hard Liverpool fan – his ultimate idol is Steven Gerrard and would do (almost) anything to spend 30 minutes talking to him – so if any of you could make this happen, Kai would be your biggest fan… and the world is your oyster with a recruiter as your biggest fan (wink wink).