The Story So Far

May 2018

Guy Walker establishes Dovetail & Slate, moving into a small office in North Bristol. 

July 2018


  • 2 Months of client acquisition, and strategising lead them to reach their first£ 10,000 turnover. 
  • Dovetail & Slate joins the REC Foundation


September 2018

  • Dovetail reaches 5 permenant placements and 10 full time contractors. 

January 2019

  • Our Division Director, Elliot Redmond is hired. 
  • Dovetail & Slate now has 5 Full-time staff.  

March 2019

  • We introduce our ‘in-house’ payroll system under Walker GRP. 
  • Our first office manager, Ruby, is hired.  
  • 6 Staff now work full time in the office 
  • Dovetail has 20 Clients signed to there preferred supplier list 

May 2019

  • Dovetail and Slate celebrates it’s first birthday 
  • Over 400 candidates interviews facilitated by us 
  • 8 Full time staff now working for Dovetail and Slate 

June 2019

  • We relaunched our website with completely new rebranding

July 2019

  • We move into the biggest available office in our building, to faciliate the 4 addittional staff joining us.
  • Dovetail is now a 14 strong team with 12 full recruitment consultants
  • We hit our end of academic year turnover target, reaching £1.5 Million

September 2019

  • Dovetail reaches 75 active contractors in Colleges across the UK
  • 30 Colleges now agree to use as there preferred staffing supplier
  • Over 800 interviews facilitated
  • Louise Billington is hired as our division director of Secondary Education

October 2019

  • As of October, we received 23 heartfelt testimonials from people who thank that we exist including candidates and education providers
  • Our new office hits capacity as we reach 18 full time staff

November 2019

  • Novembers targets are fully met and over 100 contractors are supporting Colleges in the UK
  • Our Vetting and Safeguarding manager Pippa Stead joins the team, working remotely from the North East.

December 2019

  • Laurence Walker is brought onboard as a full time Marketing Manager.
  • The team take a well deserved break over the festive period.

January 2020

  • We launch our first sub-division, Formulate Associates.
  • 2 More senior recruiters are brought onboard to launch this new division into the market

February 2020

  • Company turnover to date, reaches £3.5 Million

March 2020

  • Daniel Rossie, formerly Head of Construction for Barnsley College, is brought onboard as Dovetails Brand ambassador.

June 2020

  • The Global Pandemic sends the rebel alliance into hiding, Anakin Skywalker remains hidden at a secret training facility.