Vetting and Screening

Why do we do it?

The core of our business is Recruitment, we concentrate on placing quality candidates into education-based positions up and down the UK, and while this is the focus of Dovetail & Slate, we still have a large area that we need to meet that are standards across education and education recruitment – Vetting and Screening. The education sector requires skilled teachers, assessors and IQA’s but the staff and students also need to feel that safeguarding has been held to the utmost level, to enable a feeling of safety and trust between all agency candidates, staff and students involved.

The Education sector is pretty huge and is prominent over the world. In the thousands of education establishments across the UK vigilance is expected when it comes to safeguarding their students – and so they should!

Dovetail & Slate view ourselves as an extension of the education sector and hold ourselves to the same standard as Schools, Colleges and University’s do. 

We offer permanent and temporary recruitment solutions all over the UK, and understand that each establishment may have differing requirements, so we do try to be flexible and fit around each client and each candidate.

We are always looking for ways to better our efficiency and knowledge throughout the sector, that means keeping up to date with legislation and staying ahead of industry standard changes. We also believe that it communication is highly important, and this shows through in our robust and transparent vetting checks.

Right from speaking to an applicant for the first time, to them starting a new position, from first speaking to a client, to booking in an interview, to the candidates start date, we make sure you are always aware of the current situation with Vetting checks.

We want to make the whole experience enjoyable and easy, and we are happy to chat through our procedures, whether they be about vetting or otherwise, so why not give us a call and see if we can fit around you? 

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Written by:

Guy Walker

12 February 2019