Supporting teachers
to become better

We have exclusively partnered up with HOW2...

We have partnered with HOW2, an interactive platform that gives you access to instructional coaching guides!

This self-tailored course consists of cognitive science behind visual learning, a collaborative online platform and evidence based teaching techniques! Including a range of social learning tools that enable peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing.

What are the benefits that
come with HOW2 ?


Knowledge sharing within the groups to encourage shared learning and collaboration.

Improved Student

Teachers can drive their own learning through the platform!

Visual Coaching

With over 160 visual guides available, you won't run out of knowledge to learn.

Promoting adaptive thinking...

Bridging the gap between knowing the theory to being able to teach the theory! With HOW2’s visual guides that are backed by intense workplace research. The course provides techniques that facilitate quick and easy learning for teachers.

A brand new interactive platform
designed for the education industry