Placing support staff into education.

Having supported over 150 colleges across the UK over the last few years, with excellent results, Dovetail & Slate have extended their offering. 
professional services staff

Adding value,
adding support.

Dovetail & Slate’s Support division understand exactly what’s required of the professional services staff, all while ensuring our recruitment service is tailored to each and every client, adding value every step of the way.

Whether it’s a College needing a Finance Assistant and a Security Officer, or a Private Training provider requiring a specialist Quality Manager to deliver QIPs and guide through OFSTED reviews.

Bringing exceptional talent to the education setting.


Seamless from the get-go!

We provide an industry-first service for our clients and take great pride in our work; by engaging cross-sector and bringing exceptional talent to the Education setting, we ensure happy clients and a seamless experience right from the first call.

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