Elliott Redmond

Divison Director - FE

Elliott originally wanted to be a pilot achieving both his private pilot & Gliders License, and although he’s had a change in career route, it’s still been high-flying. Today he gets satisfaction from helping his clients to realize the sky is the limit when it comes to their careers and knowing the contribution he makes towards crafting the next generation. He’s maintained a passion for helping people make positive transformations in their life, starting his career as a personal trainer before making the transition into recruitment.

Elliott is our own example of a career change success story, now with over four years of experience in sales and recruitment, specifically specializing in education. He has a thorough understanding of the industry and a wealth of expertise gaining him countless successes in supplying our clients with permanent and contract-based staff who tick all the right boxes.

If Elliott was to describe himself as animal, it would be a Great White Shark – no, he’s anything but predatory, but like the widely feared fish, he is highly intelligent, inquisitive, sociable and relentless in achieving what he wants to.